Regent Video

The Regent Street Video!
Behold !! Here is the digitized video from that famous party in 1991. If you were in Fairport - you were there! 12 Regent Street was a bachelor pad for 6 lucky Fairport grads in the early nineties.

The four bedroom palace located in Rochester's Park Avenue section was known for large parties and an angry landlord. Fortunately, the last bash was caught on tape thanks to Regent Street ringleader: Steve Mazur. In a few days, he would be moving to Boston and had enough forethought to capture the Regent Street boys (and their friends) in their native habitat.

On December 27, 1991, Steve had a heck of a going-away party. He was kind enough to MC the evening and pals: Dan & Dave, ran the video camera. What results, can only be described as "disturbing". This includes: a grand tour of the facility, incoherent interviews with guests, random acts of foolishness, a non-flushing toilet, a cheesy cover band, a CO2 keg system, and much more. To make things worse, Steve and some of the guests moved the party Nick Tahou's and kept the camera rolling WAY too long.

Thanks to modern technology, we now can re-enjoy this special evening in the comfort of our own home - without all the clean-up!

The Regent Street Drunks...

Steve Mazur

aka: "The Bevi","Beaver"

Chris Hixon

aka: "Hixi", "Quad-X"

Steve Guida

aka: "The Weed"

Paul Johnston
aka: "Paully Shore"

Anthony Ferrari

aka: "Ton","Ton Loc", "T-Poke","Nige"

Matt Buholtz

aka: "The Rookie"
Tech Notes: The video clips are in divx format and should play on any computer as long as you have a divx player installed. You can get a free divx player here: If you have a slow connection or only want to check out a few clips, uses the -Smaller- side. If you know that you want the whole friggin thing and dont mind waiting, click in the -Bigger- side. Be aware that even the small files are pretty huge and will take a while to download. The size of each clip is shown after the titles. The time duration in minutes of each clip is approx. (mb / 10). ie. [67mb] is about 6 minutes. These clips were made from a VHS tape which was dubbed from a 8mm tape. If you happen to be interested in a higher quality DVD of this mess, let me know. Click on the image to download the associated clip...

Regent Party Video
(28 small clips)
Total duration is about 2 hours.

1. Welcome [67mb]

2. Tour of the house [58mb]

3. Formal Introduction [39mb]

4. The Band Plays Bertha [82mb]

5. The Bathroom Scene [45mb]

6. Upstairs [54mb]

7. The Party is Rockin! [53mb]

8. Interviews [51mb]

9. John plays a tune [39mb]

10. Interviews [60mb]

11. Interviews [29mb]

12. Kitchen [30mb]

13. Kitchen [31mb]

14. The film-maker speaks [21mb]

15. "The Boot" speaks [30mb]

16. Interviews [26mb]

17. Interviews [18mb]

18. Interviews [34mb]

19. Interviews [24mb]

20. Interviews [15mb]

21. Interviews [43mb]

22. Nick Tahou's [21mb]

23. Interviews [33mb]

24. Interviews [30mb]

25. Interviews [38mb]

26. Interviews [41mb]

27. Interviews [42mb]

28. Closing [29mb]

Regent Party Video
Total duration is about 2 hours.

1. Part I [295mb]

2. Part II [328mb]

3. Part III [300mb]

4. Part IV (Nick's) [246mb]

Cast Of Characters:

01. Steve Mazur
02. Chris Hixon
03. Steve Guida
04. Anthony Ferrari
05. Paul Johnston
06. Matt Buholtz
07. Tom Mazur
08. Kathy Mazur
09. Sean Barry
10. Greg Gribben
11. Lori Pearl
12. Eileen Guida
13. Marla Cilento
14. Stephane Pagano
15. Donna Kessler
16. Megan McCurdy
17. Lisa ?? (Meg & Mar's friend)
18. Jim Buterazzi
19. Mark Savarese
20. John Schofield
21. Mike Karpovage
22. Tom Karpovage
23. Sue Graznick
24. Pete Sliz
25. Jamie Mascaro
26. Shanie Mascaro
27. Dan Gaye
28. Dave Gaye
29. Jeanine Feldhiesen
30. Anne Felker
31. Kathy Spangenburg
32. Sue Webster
33. Deanna Miller
34. Kim Edgar
35. Luke ?? (Kim's Husband)
36. Steve Betlem
37. Eric Loftstrum
38. Maryellen Konz
39. Nick Presutti
40. Nick Presutti's friend ??
41. Kristin Presutti
42. Kristin Anderson
43. Paul Manuse
44. Marcy Gabhart
45. Katy Johnston
46. Todd Marotta
47. Doug Fichi
48. Jeff Coral
49. Jaquez Monty
50. Bill Broomfield
51. Jane Gribben
52. Jeff Gribben
53. Kathy Donagan
54. Rene Champion
55. Dan Castelli
56. Heidi Schmitt
57. Mike Telrico
58. Kieth Pavia
59. Tim Thurly
60. Rich Brendisi
61. Mike Walther
62. Tom Mazur's Buddy 1 ??
63. ?? (Hixi's golf buddy 1)
64. ?? (Hixi's golf buddy 2)
65. Dan ?? (Kathy Mazur's Husband)
66. ?? (Karp's sister)
67. ?? (Lori's french friend 1)
68. ?? (Lori's french friend 2)
69. ?? (Bill Broomfield's friend)
70. Michelle ?? (Steve's friend on couch)
71. ?? (Steve's friend on couch)
72. ?? (Steve's new friend interview)
73. ?? (Steve's friend interview)
I need help to add/correct names !!