Time Of Day Here is how I picture the "time of day". If you mention a time of day to me, I immediately picture it somewhere on the Hours diagram in Fig. 1.
Fig. 1 - Hours (daily cycle)
Note: The distance between numbers is equal in my mind - there is no gap between the 2 midnights pictured (dotted line).
Seconds: No need for an illustration, I picture them the same way I do most other numbers. I just stop at 60 They do not run in a cyclic pattern.(see my 'Numbers' diagram on Page 3)
Minutes: They are pictured like on a normal clock face usually starting at 12 and usually rounding to the nearest 5-minute mark. e.g. "It takes 15 minutes to get that done".
Hours: These have an unusual pattern somewhat similar to a clock face. I picture the hours in a day as a 24 hour cycle with AM and PM being on different areas. See Fig. 1. I think this how I keep the AM and PM times straight. If you think about it, the fact that it takes 2 cycles of a normal clock face to get through the entire day is strange (a least to me).
Days Of The Week: My days of the week are based on the standard (left to right ) calendar except that the distance between Saturday and Sunday is the same as any other day. All days are contiguous (touch each other). See Fig. 2.
Fig. 2 - Days of the week.
It may seem like I just keep circling around and get nowhere but I picture the days moving in a pattern like in Fig. 3.
Fig 3. - Path taken during the week (long range)
Strange Note: When I get to the end of the week, I always take a right at Saturday to get to the Sunday. But earlier in the week, like Tues, I picture the following Sunday to the LEFT of Saturday (see Fig. 3). Im not sure of the exact day it changes - it may be friday. Sorry - this is hard to explain.
How I Think ??? Like many people, I am a visual person. But for me, many of the things I think about take on some sort of shape, color, or diagram. Im no "rain man" and cant count cards or anything. My brain just uses these pictures to help me deal with every day life. I have done this since I was very young. I was suprised to learn that some people are quick to assume that this is somehow a disadvange or disability . I want to stress that it is nothing of the sort. I find it beneficial to remember linear things in a very 3-dimentional (visual) manner. Years ago around 1990, I realized that this may not be how everyone thinks. I decided to try to capture some of this imagery on paper to describe a bit of how I see the word. I recently found the original drawings and decided to share them on the web. . My friend, Seano, liked this page and did some searching on the web. He found this link to something called "Synaesthesia". You can read about it here...
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Why? - I think I do this because I am uncomfortable with the standard calendar split from Saturday to Sunday.