Think? – pt.2

Months: I picture the months of the year travelling along a oval shaped, counter-clockwise path. January is at the very bottom. I needed 2 separate illustrations because when drawn on paper, the equal sized months overlap! (Fig. 4) - but in my strange mind, the pattern fits nicely in to the shape in fig. 5.
Fig. 4 - Pattern of Months
I am always observing the pattern from the month that I thinking about. All months are of equal size.
Fig. 5 - Yearly pattern of Months (location of December is noted)
Years: These follow a rather strange pattern. I have no idea why there is a gap at 1800 or why there are direction changes at certain years.
Fig. 6 - Year Timeline
IIf you mention a certain year to me I instantly place it on this chart - and at the proper spot of course;)
This pattern is actually a tri-oval (for you nascar fans). It has 3 flattened sides. The seasons are located (roughly) as follows... - Top side is summer. - Left side is fall and - Right side is spring. - Bottom point is winter.