Ambrose Bierce

My cousin, Matt Connors was an up and coming drummer living in Hornell, NY. He had a band in need of a bass player. I always wanted to play bass in a band so I filled in for about 6 months. The band was a touch heavier than I was used to but the songs soon grew on me. They played more of a Queensryche style and had and incredible lead singer. We played a coulple of shows and even filmed a video for a community TV station. Fun stuff but I was off to Dallas in the fall and Ambrose Bierce carried on for a few years after that.

Modified Aria pro 2 bass. This is the exact bass that pal Bryan Johnson used in my first band, Black Tie. Bryan gave it to me in 1990 and I have used it extensively ever since. It has a bit shorter scale and great sound.
I used my Fender Twin and cab which actually sounded great for bass - very "Cream" sounding.

Tascam 464 4-Track cassette. Assorted mics. Remixed in 2005 on pc.

Ambros Bierce - Summer 1993 - Studio

Pete Secondo - Vocals
Greg Matula - Guitar
Anthony Ferrari - Bass
Matt Connors - Drums

Recorded on 4-Track Cassette.
Mixed on PC with CoolEdit2.

01) Samaritan
02) Enjoy Yourself
03) Sumertime
04) Feelings
05) No Time For Romance

06) Far Apart
07) Same Whereever You Go
08) Hearts Regret
09) Youth Declention
10) Morning Sunshine