Creamengine Mk.2

1995 - 1999

After the Creamengine Mk.I demos were complete, it was time to get a band together to bring the project to life. Creamengine Mk.I was a studio-only incarnation. The flyers went out and we snagged drum legend Bill McGrath who is an incredible technical genius. He easily digested everything Sean and I threw at him. I also pinned down a talented bass player, Mike Thireos, who I met from work. With the lineup complete, we continued in the all-original direction and played out regularly.

A few 4-Track demos/jams were recorded before we lost Mike due to his busy schedule. We then decided to make a 16-Track "dream" demo that would hopefully sound better than anything previous. With the help of Matt Sheidt, we obtained incredibly cheap studio time at "Scheidt Studios" and completed the demo in a few months. I also had recently purchased an ADAT recorder and was able to do most of the overdubs and vocals at home.

We needed a bass player to hit the clubs and we found the talented and eccentric Gary Archer. We played out for a year or more and the band started to fizzle. Seano and I continued recording but pretty much stopped playing out. The band went through a few more incarnations before completely dissolving. The band reunited in 1999 for a recording session that was to be called the Mercury Sessions. These would be the songs on Seano's first cd release.

Gear: I purchased a Fender Strat and fell in love with single coil pickups. This would be my main guitar for years... along with Fender Bullet, Fender Twin/Chandler Tube Driver, Aria Bass.
I also bought a tweed Fender deluxe which was a great amp and a lot lighter that the Fender twin.

Recording: ADAT, DAT, 4-Track, Lots of mics.

'Grounded' 1/27/1996

This is the main Creamengine studio release. A 4-song cassette was made from these recordings, but unfortunately, it was never cut to CDs.

Drum tracks were recorded by Mike Anderson at his studio in the city. overdubs were done at Alley Cat studios, Sheidt studios and in my home studio at 81 east blvd. It was mixed by me over a 6 month period...and re-mixed in 2002 on the PC.

Sean Barry - Vocals
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar, Bass
Bill McGrath - Drums

Recorded on ADAT.

01) Grounded
02) In Between
03) Shuteye
04) Transparent
05) Way Too High
06) Mediocre
07) Chastity Buys The Farm
08) Candle

09) Grey Zinfandel Isle
10) Whack-Jobs
11) FortuneTeller Blues
12) Keep It To Myself
13) Scull-Cap
14) ArmsLength
15) Ride The Dead Horse

Takes with alternate vocals:
16) Transparent 2
17) Transparent 3

Misc writing session. May 1997

Sean Barry - Vocals, Drums:6,7
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar, Bass:4,6,7
Bill McGrath - Drums:1-5
Gary Archer - Bass:1,2,3,5
Mike Thireos - Keys:6,7

Recorded on ADAT.

Some of these also appear on Seans 'Mercury Moves' project.

01) Pickpocket
02) Hematoma Days
03) King Effedra
04) Well Enough Unknown

05) Mannic Depression
06) Triple-A
07) Key Tune

Geneva - Live 1/1997

Sean Barry - Vocals
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar
Bill McGrath - Drums
Mike Thireos - Bass

Recorded on 2-Track DAT.

01) Shuteye
02) Grounded
03) Transparent
04) Dancing Days
05) Faries Wear Boots
06) Grey Z
07) Waiting For The Sun
08) In Between
09) Way Too High
10) Candle

Rehersal - Live 11/21/1995

Sean Barry - Vocals
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar
Bill McGrath - Drums
Mike Thireos - Bass

Recorded on 4-Track Cassette.

01) KeepItToMyself
02) Shuteye
03) Inbetween
04) RideTheDeadHorse
05) Whackjobs
06) Whackjobs2
07) Candle
08) ArmsLength
09) Grounded
10) WayTooHigh
11) Transparent
12) Inbetween

Rehersal - Live 12/1995

Sean Barry - Vocals
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar, Bass
Bill McGrath - Drums
Mike Thireos - Bass

Recorded on 4-Track Cassette.

01) Grey Zinfandel Isle
02) Transparent
03) Arms Length
04) Way Too High
05) In Between
06) Scullcap
07) Keep It ToMyself
08) Ride The Dead Horse
09) Whack-jobs
10) No Quarter
11) Mr. Fantasy
12) Shuteye
13) In Between
14) Arms Length
15) Grounded

Live at Living Legends October 1996

Sean Barry - Vocals
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar
Bill McGrath - Drums
Gary Archer - Bass

Recorded on ADAT.

01) Grounded
02) Way Too High
03) Chastity Buys The Farm
04) Grey Zinfandel Isle
05) In Between
06) Waiting For The Sun
07) Scullcap
08) L.A. Woman
09) Fortune Teller Blues
10) Dancing Days
11) Candle
12) Mediocre
13) King Effedra
14) Fairys Wear Boots
15) Seeker Jam

"Mingia Sessions" 1999

Sean Barry - Vocals
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar

Recorded on 4-Track Cassette.

01) Half Speed
02) Last Call
03) Come Again
04) Mercury Moves
05) More Than She Couldn't Take
06) Replica
07) Moment
08) Revolution Is Moot
09) Jarcasm
10) Jaqueta

bill - sean - mike - ant
ant - sean - bill - gary