Creamengine Mk.1

After One Ton Hush fizzed out, Sean and I wanted to take the songs a bit farther. We were driving towards a still heavier and tighter sound. Greg and Steve were busy doing other things so we got a hold of Tim and do some recording. I decided to tackle all the guitar and bass duties. Our intentions were to eventually form a new band and play out. Tim would be leaving for Cincinnati soon, so we knew we would have to find a bass player and drummer.

First, we changed the name from One Ton Hush to Hush Mouth and a new 4-Track demo was recorded. Mics were rented from a friend of ours and we really stretched the 4-Track to its limit. In the end, the sounds were decent, but we wanted better.

A month later, I decided to rent an Fostex 8-Track reel-to-reel and try the songs again. They turned out much better and we had a respectable demo to use as a basis for our next band. We changed the name yet again to Creamengine. I believe The Sunny Side Up sessions still sound incredible to this day.

Gear: Fender Bullet, Gibson SG, Fender Twin/Chandler Tube Driver, Fender Bandmaster, Aria Bass. Tama drums.

Recording: Fostex reel 8-Track. Lots of rented mics. Soundmaster 16-channel 4-bus mixer. Alesis reverb, Alesis limiters, DAT machine.

"Sunny Side Up"
October 1994 - Studio

Sean Barry -Vocals
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar, Bass
Tim Billies - Drums
Greg Gribben - Keyboards

Recorded on 8-Track 1/4 inch.
(wow, 8-tracks!)

01) ArmsLength
02) SnakeTown
03) KeepItToMyself
04) Mediocre
05) RaggedCo
06) WayTooHigh
07) Transparent
08) Grounded
09) ScullCap
10) FortuneTellerBlues
11) Fuel
12) PushingButtons
13) SteeringClear
14) HerMajestyTrajedy
15) HereAfter
16) HereAfter (Early Demo)

Hush Mouth
4-Track Demos
September 1994 - Studio

Sean Barry -Vocals
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar, Bass
Tim Billies - Drums

Recorded on 4-Track Cassette.

01) Grounded
02) Transparent
03) CorneliusWren
04) Fortune Teller Blues
05) Arms Length
06) Mediocre
07) KeepIt To Myself
08) Way Too High
09) Scull Cap