Holiday Sessions

What started as a Heavy Petting Zoo reunion recording quickly transitioned to an incredible original writing session. Seano and Tony Paul were home from Atlanta for the Holidays. Steve Guida and I were itching to jam. What resulted is some very powerful renditions of some HPZ songs as well as some classic originals that would be used on later projects. The ever-jam-hungry Greg Gribben was there to lend his guitar, keyboards and songwriting. The classic "Heat Miser" was recorded here in a very haphazard but effective way. It turned out SO good that we never could duplicate the energy of this version - ever. A few songs with pal Chris Hixon are scattered throughout and are still great to listen to. "Shadow Lake" was another classic about our favorite school: Fairport High. Great songs!

Gear: Fender Twin/Chandler Tube Driver, Fender Bullet, Cavin Bass, Peavey Mark IV, Gibson 335, Fender 75
Recording: Tascam 464 4-Track

Holiday Sessions
Original writing session December 1992 - Studio

Sean Barry - Vocals, Drums on 02
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar, Bass, Drums
Greg Gribben - Guitar, Keyboards
Steve Guida - Bass
Tony Paull - Drums
Chris Hixon - Vocals on 04,13

Recorded on 4-Track Cassette.

01) Original #1
02) Soberland
03) HeatMiser
04) Dr. Robert
05) Since Ive Been Lovin You
06) Undertow
07) Meringue Girl
08) Dont Let Me Down
09) JealousAgain
10) Go That Slow
11) Shadow Lake
12) Majesy Trajedy
13) There She Goes
14) Key To The Highway
15) Waiting For The Sun
16) Get The Light Right
17) Stormy Monday