Rythmic Itch

1989 - 1991

Rhythmic Itch
Demos etc.1989 - 1990
After The Blue Coolies had disbanded after summer of 1989 (Greg and Tim went back to school), Seano and I decided to get another band together. Want-ads posted at local colleges attracted the attention of bass-man: Fred Saunders and drummer: Nick Laquintano. In record time, a respectable song list was built and Rhythmic Itch was playing classic rock covers at a variety of gigs. This was our tightest band to date and Fred and Nick's skills allowed us to tackle some harder tunes.

The band stayed together for about a 2 years. Fred moved to New Jersey where he still plays bass and Nick moved to San Francisco where he plays with a band called the "Spinning Jennies".

Gear: I was playing through a Fender Super-60 amp which was my first tube-amp. For guitars, I used an Gibson SG (later sold), My Carvin DC125 (later sold), and a Fender Bullet (still use). The super-60 had an incredible sweet tube tone which I loved. I foolishly sold it because I thought I needed more clean-tone power. Big mistake. I should get another one of those.

Sean Barry - Vocals
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar
Fred Saunders - Bass
Nick Laquintano- Drums

Recorded on 4-Track Cassette.


April 1990

01) Movin On
02) Streets Have No Name
03) Stormy Monday

04) Whole Lotta Rozy
05) Heartbreak Hotel
06) Bargain (cut)

Rhythmic Itch

01) Cant Get Enough
02) Taxman
03) Jungle Love
04) Back In The Ussr
05) Houses Of The Holy
06) Bargain
07) You May Be Right
08) Big Shot
09) Gloria
10) Real Me

11) So Lonely
12) White Room / Cocaine
13) Sex Machine
14) Red House
15) The Funkster
16) Man In A Suitcase
17) All Night Long
18) Killing Floor
19) Brown Sugar
20) Shake You Booty Thang

Rhythmic Itch
Live at R.I.T
May 1991

01) Real Me
02) Dyer Maker
03) White Room / Cocaine
04) Stormy Monday
05) Movin On
06) All Night Long

07) Funk Jam
08) You May Be Right
09) China Girl
10) Bargain
11) Whole Lotta Rozy

Rhythmic Itch MK.II
Summer 1991

Sean Barry - Vocals
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar
Ron Permoda - Bass
Casey Gardener - Keyboards
Nick Laquintano- Drums

01) La Woman
02) Runnin With The Pack

03) You Dont Love Me
04) 10Inch Record

Misc + Rhythmic Itch
Fall 1991

John Schofield - Vocals & Guitar: 01-04
Chris Hixon - Vocals: 06
Sean Barry - Vocals: 08
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar
Fred Saunders - Bass: 05 - 08
Nick Laquintano- Drums: 05 - 08

01) Sea Cruise
02) True Blue
03) Pussy Cat
04) Pocket

05) Tv Tune
06) Original Hixi
07) Original #2
08) One Of These Nights