Summer Sessions

An original writing session yielding many songs.  Many of these songs went on to be played in the bands: One Ton Hush and Always A Snake.

At the time, no real band was in place, just some of the usual crew writing songs in Sean's basement (Farmview Studios).  Ted Merkel (brother of Blue Coolies drummer, Tim) was kind enough to come down on short notice and help out on the drums.  Sean and I played the rest of the drum tracks (Sean should have played them all).  Steve handled most of the Bass duties with a few being played by myself. Greg wrote and played guitar on "She Needs Attention" and played Casio keyboards on "Circles and Chains (Electric)".  The lesley effect was achieved by placing a fan in front of the mic.  The only non-original tune was a cover of Pink Floyd's "Fearless".

Gear: I was still playing through the Fender Twin and we mixed in some other peaveys or whatever was around. I recorded with the Tascam 464 cassette 4-track. Normal assortment of dynamic mics.

Summer Sessions - Summer 1993 - Studio

Sean Barry - Vocals, Drums 6-11
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar, Bass, Drums 11,14,15
Greg Gribben - Guitar, Keyboards
Steve Guida - Bass
Ted Merkel - Drums 1 - 5
Recorded on 4-Track Cassette.

01) Steering Clear
02) Unmade
03) Pushing Buttons
04) Snail Trail Blues
05) Jam In G
06) Tomorrowland
07) To Be Or Not To Be
08) Sanity
09) CirclesAndChains(Acoustic)
10) Circles And Chains(Electric)
11) Moodswinging
12) Fearless
13) Having A Home
14) Domestic Violence
15) She Needs Attention
16) S.A.M.
17) Birth Rebirth