Turkey Sessions

Sean had always had a natural knack for the drums. I talked him into purchasing a cheap drum set just before Thanksgiving. There was not much going on band-wise for a few weeks so we decided to try to write some tunes. The idea of doing everything "ourselves" was nice because it saved us from having to track down a drummer and bass player . This would really be the first time that we had dared to write and record our own material. We hit the basement studios at Farmview every chance we got during that week in November and came up with some fun stuff. Of course, Greg and Steve stopped down to help out. Sean's drumming was impressive for the lack of formal training. I love the drums too and foolishly insisted on playing on a few tunes. We also recorded some covers to mix things up.

Gear: I dont remember all the gear I used, but I believe I was playing through my Fender Twin/Chandler Tube Driver rig. For guitars, I used a newly acquired Kramer aluminum (sold later), Fender Bullet (still use). The Drums were a set of 'clear' Ludwigs. The only cymbal we had was a single cheap ride. No hi-hats!!. I recorded everything with an Tascam cassette 4-track, e/v vocal mic and an sm 57. I believe the drums were recorded with a single sm57 overhead mic.

Turkey Sessions
Original writing sessionNovember 1990 - Studio

Sean Barry - Vocals, Drums
Anthony Ferrari - Guitar, Bass, Drums
Greg Gribben - Guitar
Steve Guida - Bass

Recorded on 4-Track Cassette.

01) Starlet (Acoustic)
02) Mega-Hurts
03) Ruddabega Blues
04) Wyatt Erp On Dope
05) Pats Tune
06) Playin In The Band
07) Deal
08) Heavy Original
09) Barbys On The Run
10) Greg's Metal Original
11) Mustard Medely
12) Jealous Guy
13) Seasons Edge
14) Starlet (Electric)
15) Misery Of Miracles
16) Little Wing
17) Ive Got A Feelin
18) Walkin The Dog
19) One After 909
20) Superstition
21) She's So Heavy
22) Original #2