There are a ton of musicians that have influenced my playing.
Here are my favorites….

Alex Lifeson (before 1982)

Alex is an extremely underrated player who is alway overshadowed by his band-mates. He is the single Biggest influence on my playing and songwriting. Master technician with feel. Early Zeppelin-type riffs developed into prog-rock mastery.

Highlights: Rush – 2112, Permanent Waves, Moving pictures.
Guitars: (70’s and early 80’s) Gibson Les Paul, Gibson ES335, Gibson Howard Roberts
Amps: Marshall & Hi-Watt stacks, Marshall Combos, Hughes and Kettner

Jimi Page

He is a huge influence on everyone for good reason. Innovator. Never tied to one sound, style or scale.
The leader and in hard-rock guitar playing.

Highlights: Zep – All!
Guitars: Fender Telecaster (60’s), Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Double neck (mid 70’s),
Fender Stratocaster (late 70’s)
Amps: Marshall Stacks

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Master of pure emotion, tone, articulation and finger strength. Combination of Hendrix & Albert King
with a sprinkle of Rockabilly. He takes the 5 notes of the pentatonic to the absolute max.

Highlights: SRV – Anything.
Guitars: Fender Stratocaster.
Amps: Fenders

Jimi Hendrix

Changed the face of Rock guitar. Listen to the LIVE stuff to witness his true talents. Whammy bar,
feedback, distortion, phrasing… he started it all.

Highlights: Jimi Hendrix – Blues, Woodstock, Monterey pop.
Guitars: Fender Stratocaster.
Amps: Marshall Stacks.

Gordy Johnson

He has recently become one of my favorites. Unique combination of traditional blues and hard-rock.
Incredible rich and fluffy guitar tones. Very melodic solos and great slide playing! Great voice, too.

Highlights: Big Sugar – 500 lbs, Hemivision. Grady
Guitars: Vintage Gibsons, Gibson Double neck. Hollowbodys
Amps: Marshall Stacks

Chris Duarte

Combines Hendrix & SRV with jazz sophistication. Genius! Incredible live shows.

Highlights: Chris Duarte – Texas Sugar Strat Magic, Chris Duarte – Tailspin Headwhack
Guitars: Fender Stratocaster.
Amps: Fenders, Marshalls, Rivera.
-More Duarte Pics Here-

Warren Haynes

This guy can do it all! Incredible slide playing and deadly accurate. One of the best all-around rock players ever.

Highlights: Gov’t Mule – All, Allman Brothers 1990 to present.
Guitars: Gibsons, Les Paul, Firebird, ES335; PRS.
Amps: Soldano Stack.

Duane Allman & Dickie Betts

Masters of simplicity, tone, taste, feel and melody. Popularized rock slide playing.

Highlights: Allman Brothers – Filmore Sessions, Ludlow Garage, Eat A Peach.
Guitars: Gibson SG, Gibson Les Paul, PRS (Dickie 90’s+).
Amps: Marshal Stacks.

Tab Benoit

Louisiana Blues that is clean and mean! Fresh, energetic and dripping with tube tone.

Highlights: Tab Benoit – Live swampland jam, Tab Benoit – Fever for the Bayou.
Guitars: Hollowbody Fender Telecaster.
Amps: Fender.

Audley Freed

Blues with muscle! He’s like a bluesy Brian May. Very smooth and quick.

Highlights: Cry Of Love – Brother, Diamonds and Debris. Black Crowes – New live stuff.
Guitars: Fender Stratocaster, Gibsons.
Amps: Bogner.

Ritchie Blackmore

He’s got a great strat sound. Incredible player. Technician with classical influence.

Highlights: Deep Purple – Machine Head, Made In Japan.
Guitars: Fender Stratocaster.
Amps: Marshall Stacks.

Eddie VanHalen

(VH1 to 1984) Did as much for the electric guitar as Hendrix – whether you like it or not.
The brown sound is still the hardest to emulate. Unmatched clarity, speed and tone. Great note choice.

Highlights: VH 1-5.
Guitars: Home-made strat with gibson PAF pickup.
Amps: Marshall Stacks.

John Kralles

Great local player. One of the best players I’ve seen live. He a cool guy, too. Respectable
cross between Garcia and Duane Allman.

Highlights: Resurrection, Park Ave Band – Rochester, NY. We need a reunion show!
Guitars: Musicman – Sabre, Parker Fly.
Amps: Boogie.